Organize a Party and Receive Free Gifts

Are you ready to have a party? We are as well! Simply fill out the form to the right and we will put you in contact with an Ambassador who will guide you step by step in the process of planning your event.

Hosty an Eros and Company Demo... and receive Gifts!

The hostess of a home party presentation receives additional promotional gifts, depending on the amount of purchases made by the guests.

Dates go quickly!

*Total minimum purchases of $500 to be eligible for promotional gifts.

Party Planning Easy

Step 1

Choose your date and sign up

Step 2

An ambassador from your region will contact you

Step 3

Invite your friends to your event

Step 4

Relax and get ready to party: Your ambassador takes care of everything!

FAQ's Answered

What is the cost of booking an evening with Eros and Company?

Absolutely nothing! You can book a party with an Eros and Company Ambassador for free! No minimum purchase is required. It is first and foremost an evening of fun and quality time with your friends, without additional cost to you. There is no obligation to purchase.

How long is an Eros and Company presentation?

A presentation with Eros and Company is approximately four hours. Depending on guest participation (questions or comments) it could be a little longer. The presentation itself is about 2 hours but you need to factor in the preparation time and sales following the presentation.

What is the buying process?

All orders are 100% confidential. All sales are conducted in a private sales room separate from the presentation area. Your Eros and Company Ambassador will take the time to respond to any concerns and/or questions you may have regarding the products and will help you in choosing the products which are best suited for you and your needs.