How is an Eros et Compagnie evening organized?


Your party will be conducted in a professional manner by an Ambassador from Eros and Company. The Ambassador will come to your home and you and your guests will have a party which will be pleasant and memorable. This is the ideal opportunity to discover various ways to spice up your intimate moments and to be informed on the benefits of sexual health, in a festive atmosphere of warmth and good taste. A presentation with Eros and Company is anything but boring!

In addition, a presentation with Eros and Company gives you the opportunity to interact with your guests, share your knowledge and experiences and points of view. You will benefit from the expertise of the Ambassador who will advise you in matters of sexuality and will provide you with all the necessary information of each product. You will receive the personal touch when purchasing your products.

For Eros and Company, discretion is the key to confidentiality. Your purchases are done in a separate room where you may ask any personal questions you may have and choose your products in private with the Ambassador. Here you will receive the human personal service.0

Typical Schedule

6h30 PM

Ready to welcome my guests and the Eros And Company Ambassador!

7h00 – 7h30 PM

While conversing with the guests, the Ambassador prepares the table and unveils the multitude of products. Everyone is curious!

7h30 PM

The presentation begins! With a glass in hand, everyone is ready for a fun evening! The Ambassador takes the time to make everyone comfortable. Then, little by little, everyone is relaxed and ready for the fun to begin.

9h30 - 10h00 PM

A fun time was had by all! Everyone is ready to make their purchases in a closed room. Everyone appreciates the personalized service from the Ambassador. Everyone felt that they were listened to. One of my guests decides that she would like to host a party and share the experience with her friends. Another wonderful evening is announced!

5 to 7 days later...

The hostess receives the orders, well identified by each name. What discretion! How quickly the order came! I can now enjoy my toys!